A first from the London Turkish Film Festival

FOR THE first time ever the Turkish digital film festival with be taking place abroad in London: the 21st London Turkish Film Festival will be able to watch the whole world.

1993 saw this first film festival and now after 20 years of Turkish cinema the festival will be held in London for the first time, The London Turkish Film Festival, which brought Turkish films and directors to the world’s international media coverage, is realized in a format that can be watched by the world with the film Turk digital platform that it created for the first time this year. This year Turkish digital film platforms has created a new audience which has seen it been watched worldwide.

The Festival Director Vedide Kaymak believes that they can use the technology in a similar way in the world of the digital festival and that with this thought they can realize the festival, saying that they have been working with computer programmers for about two years for platform software that the audience always wants to reach Turkish films. Vedide Kaymak added that his work was completed in June this year and for the first time this year the festival will have a life in Film Turkey, the only platform that Turkish cinema can watch all over the world and at the same time gives more than one subtitle option.

Festival feature films: Do not Tell Orhan Pamuk in Kars I have a Snow Novel in the Film, Kalandar Chill, Ivy, Guest, Wandering, For Blinds / Venetian Blinds, Ripening in the Rain, Mother Land, Powder Bezier, Cekmekoy Underground, Nurse, Step by Step

Documents: 650 words, The Spirit of Travel, Mana Mou Istanbul, This Hasankeyf’di, Love Done, KUTUP YILDIZI One of the Tree’s Roots, Another Mountain

Short Movies: Ouroboros, Do not Go, Paracosm, Intent, Journey

For information visit the website: www.filmturkey.co.uk

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