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Bedük, see’s the future in London

Bedük, see’s the future in London

The famous musician Bedük, who has a big fanbase in Turkey and World-Wide, has been bringing a different and high quality musical style to its fans for many years. As soon as we found out  the talented artist was in London, we met him in the Waterloo area and learning about his new projects and works he will be bringing very soon to his fans. In our exclusive interview with Bedük, he told us we will be seeing suprising new projects with a special messgae for his fans who live in London and Turkey especially.

You started to reside in London… Why London?

“London is the capital of music. Just like how Los Angeles and New York is important cities for music so is London. For example in Turkey if you want to become a very good singer with good recognition then the best city to this is in Istanbul, but to make music for the whole world then the perfect city for this is London. Right now I am doing global music and for me to be in London is the right choice.”

 We know you are working on a new album. Can you tell us a little about your new album?

“The album will be once again a dance album. I’m thinking on-track right now but it’s not clear; new parts can also come out. I built a new studio here. I brought all my equipment in Istanbul. Most of my time is in the studio right now. The name of the album is “Flash Forward”. If “Flash Back” are taking us back, we will have a flashforward future album. It’s an album that’s different from what I do, and you can not hear it elsewhere. I’m starting to do a little different things here. Dance music, my sort of music again. When you look at it again you say Bedük, but at another level. ”

Everyone knows that you love to dance and have a bubbly personality. But before you created very popular slow songs. Are you going to recreate these type of songs again?

” I do not distinguish my songs as slow or fast. As a result, the song is a song. So I do not think like ‘Let’s make a slow track and make people cry ‘ listening to the albums. What comes out of it? What we call an album is a story. I think album is like a book, it is entry, development and conclusion. If there is sadness in this story, there will be sorrow, and it will rise when it rises. Every story is different. Not every story has to be alike. This is a new story for me. ”

When you look back at your music, do you have any regrets or anything you think I am glad I’ve done this?

“I always say its good that I done it to everything. You will do not do somthing that you regret. When I look at it today I can see all the things I did in my life helped me grow. That’s why I never have regrets in my life. There have been times I have asked myself if I can do something or can’t but I think thoughts like this is good for a persons growth. They say ‘life is the time that has passed when you are thinking.’ For me I like to have fun with what I am doing not by thinking about the outcome. For this reason with the good and the bad just like when you are going doing like the rollercoaster and going up you should still be happy, which is the best thing to do.”

Who does Bedük listen to ? Has London given you inspiration?

“London has definetly inspired me. When you see the quality of the works around you, it makes you want to do even better. When you witness projects, you want to become much more differant and unique. For example where have my studio now there is another five around me. They also have differant producers just like me. People with lots of experiance and upcoming. These people are both talented and have a different perspective on music. For example, while there is very nice rock music in a studio, the other studio creates very nice RNB. Ofcourse, this diversity affects you. My studio in Istanbul was in Maslak Industrial. Here as well, again in a place like industry. The only difference is that you can hear funk from the 70s even when the workers are working. Employees are opening music while they work. It’s alive with music. Most of the music of all the cultures of England is music. It feeds you. If the construction worker is listing to James Brown while painting, it inspires you. It makes your life better. On the other hand there is an incredible producer on the side of the studio. The guy’s been on world tour… You know you are racing with them, but it’s a great race…

We have ideas for doing different things with my studio neighbors. Here the heads are clear. Even the most different thing you can do is become receptive here and it motivates you to know that you can speak to the whole world from here. It offers a different kind of opportunity to make beautiful. If you listen to what I’m listening to, I listen to everything. As a child, I didn’t have a poster on my wall, or being a fan of someone. I’m trying to listen to everything. I cannot look at anything with full pleasure because of my love for my profession. This is true not only in music, but in a cinema. I look at the light, for example, looking at the sound. I look for perfectionism. If not, we will not be at work. It’s a shaggy job then. That’s why I try to listen to everything that’s different to me. ”

We see that things you do in the world and in Turkey do not have much resemblance to other things. What do you think about this ?

“True, but that does not show that I am incredibly magnificent. But it’s a different style, unique. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage in terms of the listener profile. You can not show a single song when you say ” What kind of music does Bedük do? ” The things I have done before and after that can be quite different. Because at that moment I am doing what motivates me. I can do things differently in London. The water and weather  in London is similiar to Ankara. Though the rain is a bit too much, I like the gloomy weather. The appearance of such gray clouds and the city’s grey appearance gives me a differant inspiration.”

 As you know in London, there is a big Turkish Speaking Community. Do you have concert plans here?

“Our goal is to make a tour for 4-5 months. A little tour. We came here to say ‘hello’. We are in preparation for this. On the other hand, album preparation continues. But I believe we will do nice events in London. We are planing to do such a tour in February. We welcome all music lovers. ”

We know that Bedük has a large fan base of supportive young people and to those who have contributed to this work. Now you are more accessible, especially for Europe and the UK. Do you have anything you want to tell them?

“I established my label here. It is strange that the name of my record company in Turkey was Audiology. The name of the company I created now is Delises. I support many people in the sense of producing. I have already taken out Akin Sevgör before. Akın Sevgör made the music of the “Fi” series. Now he has started going to many important places in Turkey. We’ve done the Seventeen before. It doesn’t matter what religion, language, color you are to me. I want to support people who make good music here as much as possible, to do things together and grow together. So they can send me their songs from website. I will deal with all of them individually. ”
Bedük has now creates his own YouTube channel with useful and fun contents for music lovers. If you would like to get to know more about the valuable artist and to get information about the activities, you can follow it on website.


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