I’m leaving

“She’s left home and her mum can’t get her to come back”

This is a phrase I’ve heard several times before unfortunate as it may seem, but hearing it again prior to writing this made me want to know more.

How old is she?

Why has she left?

Is her well-being still ok?

The questions of course to something like this are endless to me, yet as columnist and journalism graduate I cannot help but wonder.

Why would you want to leave home? Independency, moving to university, wanting to become an ‘adult’, privacy, all these normalities aside there are more to them then we like to think.

They’ve began to take drugs, she/he wants to be alone with their partner, there are things as parents or family you won’t approve of which they can’t do at home. As an adult still living at home with my parents, I can understand the want and need from both teenagers and young adults that there is an urge to want to live by ourselves.

Whatever the reason may be, the reality is that so long as it isn’t harmful or to damage your well-being it shouldn’t be frowned upon nor stopped.

Each of us our individuals, we have the opportunity and right to live where and whom we’d like and choose to.

Leaving home or being forced to leave home because of circumstances is certainly debatable. Although I think this can still be justified, one may want peace and quiet when studying or to eat whatever you like whenever you want or to not eat at all, to spend time with your partner or friends when and as you wish with no questions asked. It’s quite simple to be honest, isn’t that how it should be?

According to a past article for The Guardian: “A Eurobarometer survey in 2007 asked 15 to 30-year-olds across the EU for the main reason why young adults lived with their parents. In Britain, 44% said lack of affordable housing, 38% said general financial pressure and 12% said they wanted the comforts of home without the responsibilities”

This may still be true, however I’d like to believe that this has changed and the percentage rate has increased- except for the better.

A teenager over 18 or young adult should have the right to leave home or decide to move out and live alone if they’d prefer to.

Parents who take it personally may find it useful in taking the time to listen and understand their son or daughter, should they find themselves in this circumstance.

Criticism, negativity and obstruction is not the answer and it certainly won’t solve anything either.

Of course every parent has the right to give advice to their child (no matter what age they are), yet I believe this must not be undermining or upsetting for those on the receiving end.

A teenager or young person should not have to leave home or be forced out because of unhappiness with their parents, although they are left no other option in this type of case.

Those of you who want to move out or leave home, I advise you to think carefully, don’t act on the spot or after an argument- speak with your parents and about your decision.

It may seem pointless at the time, but it will help both you and them. They will hopefully understand you have grown up and are taking steps to adulthood, you’d like your own responsibility and the opportunity to stand on your own two feet by working and your earnings.

Moving home isn’t or shouldn’t be an ordeal, but an achievement of wanting to take a major step in your life for the future.

Whenever you may choose to leave home or move, all the best of luck wherever it is you go.

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