WPUK on Ege’s Pioneer Women


Northern Cyprus Representative Zehra Başaran also attended the event

Women’s Platform UK, in conjunction with the Lifetime Learning, organised an exclusive documentary screening event on  Turkey’s Aegean Region’s leading women along with the participation of the documentary’s producer and presenter, Ayçe Bükülmeyen who is a renowned journalist from Turkey.

Moderated by Mihrişah Safa, an internationally acclaimed Turkish journalist, the panel started off with a preliminary presentation on women’s rights and the significance of women’s voice amongst Turkish speaking communities. Standing for being the second exclusive event of WPUK and Lifetime Learning Charity, the event took place at the Angel House located in Isle of Dogs, South London.

“It isn’t only Turkey that has been witnessing this dark haze rambling above the political and cultural cores – it is the World itself. There is a darkness on Earth that threatens human rights and more but we, as women, need to stand against these oppressions that otherwise lots will be at stake” says Nilgün Yıldırım, the Founder of WPUK.

Joining to event, journalist and the producer of documentary Ayçe Bükülmeyen said she wanted to project Ege’s pioneering women in details and how they actualised their successes regardless the obstacles they had faced.

“When talked about the women from Ege region, one of the primary images that fall into minds is the looks, how they talk, how they live. However it is known our history that Ege region has hosted one of the most leading Turkish women whose contributions to our democracy has been priceless. Therefore I wanted them to be the core and foundation of this documentary”

After the ending of the screening, the panel followed a question and answer session in which the audience had the chance to share their opinions and questions with Ms. Bükülmeyen. The documentary can be found online here.



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