Bozca-Der on the upcoming Turkish referendum and voting

Bozca-Der recently shared a press statement on the upcoming referendum. The release followed statements as follows:

“Our charity is based in North London and through overall records we can say there are 3000 members to Bozca-Der.

As almost every member of this crowd lives and resides in London, Turkish Consulate must be mindful on the organisation of the upcoming voting system, to be specific needs to place voting venues close to North London areas. Az Bozca-Der, we request our inquiry to be taken into account with great care.

We also think the very last minute amendments to the address registration deadlines to vote have been quite unpleasant and rushed. This act with a confronting with a fait accompli frankly shows an intention of blocking people’s right to vote. We do condemn this action and those who led this happen”

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