Local MP David Burrowes continues to press for a unified Cyprus


David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate
David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate

David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate, called upon the Foreign Secretary on Thursday to make a statement on the negotiations following his visit to Cyprus the previous week, seeking reassurance for his “Cypriot constituents that the stalled talks will resume”.

Mr Burrowes’ intervention comes after Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders broke off historic talks on a deal to reunify the island, with disagreements threatening to derail 19 months of negotiations.

Speaking on behalf of the Government, the Leader of the House of Commons responded to Mr Burrowes by reiterating British support for the UN and Cyprus in bringing about a settlement. Describing the opportunity as “historic”, he stated that “the Government will continue to do all they can to help foster the climate that might bring that agreement about”.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Burrowes welcomed the Government’s commitment as well as indications that the talks could resume in the New Year. “The UK has a responsibility to do everything within our power to bring about a just settlement for Cypriots, both Greek and Turkish”, Mr Burrowes said. “These talks represent an unprecedented opportunity to foster an agreement that’s beneficial for everyone, and I would urge both sides to press on towards that goal”.

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