Psychiatric Electro-Shock Treatment on Oxford St causes horror and disbelief


London born, actress Seren Ahmet,  volunteered her time last Saturday at the ’Industry of Death exhibition’, a mental health awareness exhibition on London’s Oxford Street.  Created by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights to raise awareness of the hidden dangers of psychiatry.

Over  1,500 people visited the exhibition on Oxford Street, where  the general feeling from the public was one of disbelief that such mental health treatments  (drugging and electric- shock treatment , enforced incarceration) are still happening here in the U.K. in the 21st century.  Little knew of the serious side effects of antidepressants and couldn’t understand why their doctors are not warning them.

Seren Ahmet, a Turkish-Cypriot actress, who was the main actress and played the part of a victim. She was put in a strait-jacket and then given pretend Electro- shock  to her head said ‘It was quite an emotional experience, it was horrifying to act, now knowing what occurs to mental heath patients. I  could only imagine how traumatizing it is. It was tough portraying someone who hasn’t got the power to have a voice and quite terrifying at the fact that my requests for it to stop was not being heard.  I didn’t know about the abuse that happens and the negative side effects of treatment. I wanted to be part of a movement raising awareness about this.’

Thousands of psychiatric drugs are prescribed to UK children each year that are known to cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, aggression, suicide, diabetes and heart attacks.


 Despite the concerns surrounding the use of antidepressants, £4.7 billion of NHS funds have been spent on antidepressants in England since 2000. Between 2000 and 2015, 609 million prescription items for antidepressants were dispensed in England.  The efficacy and safety of the drugs has been an ongoing problem. It also exposes the fraud behind the highly controversial childhood ‘disorder’ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The  state-of-the-art exhibit exposes psychiatry as an industry driven entirely by profit.  It features 15 display panels that have audio-visual presentations depicting human rights abuses by psychiatry and includes no-holds-barred statements from health professionals, academics, legal and human rights experts, and victims of psychiatric brutalities.

Even with their massive budgets, psychiatrists, by their own admission are unable to cure their patients, which have lead to criticisms of the psychiatric profession.  The touring exhibition graphically depicts past and present psychiatric ‘treatments’ that CCHR says have been cloaked in medical legitimacy but which in fact harm and kill patients, all at huge cost to the NHS.

 Free information booklets with the side effects of anti depressants were given free to everyone visiting the exhibition.

CCHR London spokesperson Mark Pinchin, says the exhibit is about “educating people, arming them with the truth, and empowering them to prevent psychiatric abuse of a loved one, friend or associate and to do something effective to help clean up the brutal field of mental health.

 “This exhibit provides practical guidance for lawmakers, educators, doctors, human rights advocates and private citizens so they can take action in their own spheres to bring psychiatry to account for their abuses.”

 The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International is a psychiatric watchdog group with 300 chapters worldwide.  Co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr Thomas Szasz, professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the State University of New York Health Science Centre in Syracuse, CCHR investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human Rights.

The exhibition will return again in another London location very soon.

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