UETD and MUSIAD met at dinner



Both UETD’s board of directors, MUSIAD’s and UETD’s interns joined together.

As the head of UETD UK Dr. Turhan Özen came closer to the members of MUSIAD they began to recognise each other and came together. Özen said that the UETD and MUSIAD would come together to in England to do more for the Turkish community.

Özen stated that the entirety of the UETD is serious in its support and the organization is always ready. Özen stated that Turkish people that live in England need to be more active in politics and the UETD has already made a start with this in mind. The UETD’s greatest political objective is to be more effective in regards to the Turkish community’s political, social, and cultural aspects. MUSIAD’s UK board member Erdal Koyuncu said that their main purpose is to boost trade between England and Turkey, from Turkey to England this will encourage Turkish businessmen and also boost English investment. Slowly, but surely English investors will want to invest in Turkey and hotel costs will be met.


A member of MUSIAD UK, Süleyman Dinçer, summed up his work: “MUSIAD has recently started and with a group of twelve people on the board. Relations are developing rapidly with the headquarters in Turkey. Within six months MUSIAD a great team spirit has grown between the Turkish and English media. MUSIAD is currently building links for serious and ambitious organisations to work together”. Dinçer said that the projects were important in creating networks, especially trade, seminars, and conference. When trade occurs lobby issues cannot be ignored he emphasized.

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