Asuman’s friends performed for her health

A special and musical cause took place at Palmers Green United Church, by 40 elementary and secondary school students performing music pieces for their cancer-diagnosed friend Asuman.

The eye watering collaboration under the supervision of music teacher Susen Turkbilegi, brought 40 children performing music scores by using a wide range of instruments from cello to piano, and guitar to flute. With 40 different musical pieces, little instrumentalists showcased their talent along with standing beside young cancer patient Asuman.

The event, which took place on the 3rd of July, accommodated a relatively big crowd, as a celebration of musical achievement and social awareness. Speaking at the event, teacher Susen Turkbileği stated the significance of the day, not only because it is a day when her students are taking a huge step forward for their musical prospects, but also a memorable day for Asuman Desdur and hopefully her successful treatment phase.

With one interval, the concert lasted for nearly 2 hours and all proceeds from the raffle and the refreshments, were had been contributed towards the treatment fees of Asuman Desdur.

The full list of young musical heroes are as follows:

Melody Turkbilegi – piano

Zaara Rob – piano

Nico Golding – guitar

Lana Rob – piano

May Ozkan – piano

Taye Morton – guitar

Akshata Jain – piano

Carla-Francesca Hay – piano

Mary Paraskeva – piano

Savin Abeysinge – guitar

Tilbe-Melis Ethemsoy – violin & piano

Amelia İpek Durham – Waltz

Berhan Cetin – guitar

Divin Jayden – guitar

Aiysha Hussa – piano

Eliza Clift – piano

Peter Paraskeva – guitar

Yusuf Naim – guitar

Ali Hamad – piano

Alice Dubow – piano

İzbel Kayım – piano

Peyton Morton – piano

Jessica Owusuh – guitar

İzel Mustafa – piano

Sheldon Golding – piano

May Ozkan – cello

Laylaa Hussain – piano

Krishnendu Roy – piano

Estel Kayım – piano

Samiksha Gandhi – guitar

James Allen – guitar

Tora Ozkan – piano

Francesca Hay – piano

Aiysha Hussain – cello

Andeas Georgiou – guitar

Asyush Jain – piano

Rishab Roy – piano

Sinmi Salako – guitar

Joel Sintim – guitar




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