Nalbantoğlu attackers jailed


Tuncel and Türkan Nalbantoğlu
Tuncel and Türkan Nalbantoğlu

The attackers of an influential Turkish businessman and his wife were last week handed jail sentences ranging between eight and sixteen years.

Zahid Sait
Zahid Sait
Junior Miller
Junior Miller

Junior Miller, 36, and 20-year-old Kyio Scarlett-Hudson were found guilty of breaking into the south London home of Tuncel and Türkan Nalbantoğlu in June 2014.

Mr Nalbantoğlu, 69, who operates the well-known Vatan Catering business, suffered facial injuries and a dislocated shoulder, which had to be replaced through surgery, while his wife, 67, was tied-up, gagged and assaulted.

A large quantity of cash, jewellery and watches worth more than £300,000 were stolen during the robbery and have not been recovered.

Scarlett-Hudson was given an eight year prison sentence for robbery, while Miller – who was also found guilty of false imprisonment and possessing a firearm and Class B drugs, was jailed for 16 years.

Mr Nalbantoğlu’s former employee Zahid Sait, 42 – who is also known as Zahid Nahid Yahyalar – was found guilty of ordering the attack and imprisoned for 15 years.

Speaking after the ruling, Bromley police detective sergeant Gary Head said: “This was an extremely vicious and violent robbery. The victims were attacked and robbed in their own home and over £300,000 worth of property was stolen – none of which has ever been recovered.

“This robbery was made even more sickening as it was organised by Zahid Sait, a member of the victims’ own extended family.

“The victims were forced to relive this horrifying ordeal in the trial that took place recently and I must commend them both for their bravery in doing so. I know how difficult and upsetting this was for them. I must also commend the small team of detectives from Bromley who left no stone unturned in what quickly became a complex and difficult investigation.

“The sentences imposed today clearly reflect the extremely serious nature of the offence and I hope that, whilst it may take some period of time, today’s sentencing enables the victims and their family to have some closure.”

During the trial the court heard that CCTV evidence showed the two suspects returning to North London in their Vauxhall Astra shortly after the incident. A button understood to have fallen off a jacket during the scuffle was proven through DNA testing to belong to Junior Miller.

A fourth man, 24-year-old Reece Williams, was found not guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery.

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