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“I will not get a Covid-19 vaccine, it’s not reliable”

“I will not get a Covid-19 vaccine, it’s not reliable”

Here at London Gazete this week, we discussed the coronavirus vaccine which is claimed to be more 90 per cent effective with community members from London.

Answering the question “What do you think about the newly discovered vaccine, would you get the vaccine done?”

The members of the society stated that they would not try the vaccine because they don’t believe it’s reliable.


Suzan Nazel Özkan

The new Covid-19 vaccine is good news, but I do not trust this vaccine because I have no idea of the possible side effects. I do not plan to have the vaccine done because I am not sure whether it is safe or not. As a result of the researches, such a drug has been confirmed and it may be effective, but it may be possible to cause different diseases. Unfortunately, we no longer feel safe against these epidemics, and we do not know what we will be confused with every day in our rapidly developing world.




Sean Cemal Çakır

I don’t think we will ever be safe from pandemics due to the nature of viruses and the way they mutate but we need to be better prepared for such events in the future. I’m not a scientist but I think this could help those who are vulnerable or in the higher-risk categories it could save lives therefor yes. When the Vaccine is available I probably won’t have it the reason for this is there hasn’t been sufficient evidence of long term effects from the vaccine also as I’m in the category which there isn’t a reduced risk I don’t think its a must. I think its good that the Vaccine has been found and praise the hard work of the scientists who have discovered it so quickly.



Esen Yahya

The global race for this vaccine seems to break the record with full speed. However, I do not know if it will be able to stop this pandemic and regain the trust of the people with unprecedented political financial and populist pressures. These approaches may miss the goal of people accessing effective vaccines. Hence,  I don’t believe the vaccine is reliable.










Buket Özkan

The vaccine is currently great news, but I do not think it is a very reliable vaccine as it is new and will be used immediately. I do not intend to have this vaccine because as I said, I do not find it reliable because it is new and therefore I do not know what kind of side effects it will have.





Yankı Dolunay

I think the vaccine is a good step to stop the virus and I hope it works. I hope we will start to see its effects soon if we’re supposed to get the vaccine done to prevent the spread of the virus I will go ahead with it.





Emir Osman

The alleged new vaccine is late and focused on making money out of it. It is also interesting that this vaccine was found after the Trump Presidential election. I do not intend to get this vaccine. This epidemic did not happen for the first time and it does not seem like it will happen for the last time.



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