Khan invests £1m to counter far-right extremism in London

The Mayor of London has set up a £1 million programme to counter the rise of the far-Right in London,

Countering Violent Extremism will give money to groups working with people at risk of radicalisation.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “The rise of the far-Right in the UK and across the globe is a growing threat to us all. They’re gaining ground and  winning power in places that seemed unimaginable not too long ago.”

Police have reported a rise in hate crime and far-Right activity since the 2016 EU referendum.

Mr Khan made the announcement as he hosted a summit of 12 European mayors to discuss climate change, violent extremism and the rise of the far-Right.

Image (LG): Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

The meeting coincided with the publication of a City Hall report on stopping the spread of extremist ideology.

It found two-thirds of Londoners see strong, integrated communities as effective in reducing the risk of hate crime and terrorism, but about the same proportion (64 per cent) would not know how to seek help if they were concerned about someone being led towards extremism.

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