The Turkish Building Contractors Association is in London

The construction and real estate companies operating in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus participated in the 2nd Turkish Cypriot Culture and Art Festival under the leadership of the Cypriot Turkish Building Contractors Association (CTBCA).

Some of the leading construction and real estate companies of the island which are members and represented under the leadership of the CTBCA are in London. The companies opened their stands at the 2nd Turkish Cypriot Culture and Art Festival, in North London on Sunday 23 June, providing informing to the people who participated in the festival and their beautiful works from each other.


AKOL Group manager Niyazi Şanal & CTBCA president Cafer Gürcafer


Cafer Gürcafer, President of the CTBCA, stressed the importance of festivals of these kinds and said, “We need to strengthen our ties with people living outside Cyprus. That’s why we attended this festival. Our aim is not about buying and selling here, it is about protecting and looking after each other”


Under the leadership of the TBCA, 9 construction and real estate companies are in London.

The leading companies of the island are AKOL Group, Dörter Construction, Döveç Group, Halken Construction, Northern Land Construction, Noyanlar Group, Omağ Development, Vision Group and White Lotus Development.

CTBCA and the companies will be participating at the 3rd Turkish Cypriot Culture Festival, in Enfield on Sunday 30 June, where they will once again be ready to meet with our community members at their stands.


In the second festival, artists such as Ziynet Sali, Serel Yareli, Kelebekler Music Group, Major Band, Şifa, Kıbıs Quartet, Mehmet Raif and Ata Kaya took the stage. Gencsad folklore team brought from Cyprus, which also Osman Balikcioglu taking to the stage and performed many successful plays in London.

Thousands of people attended the festival and our community representatives and many institutions and companies from our society. Nafiya Horozoğlu, the coordinator of the event, took full marks and was invited by the former TRNC Minister of State Serdar Denktaş to sing a song belonging to the Cyprus region.

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