KTGBI will be in North Cyprus for culture tour

The Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBI) will be in North Cyprus from the 8 to 14 April, 12 young people will be travelling to North Cyprus for a week trip.

In a statement is stated that they were “working to ensure that young people, especially those born and raised in the UK, learn and live their culture.” The Association that have under many achievements is the short time since it was established in October last year.

They have stated that the cultural tour will give the group and “opportunity to discover the cultural and historical values of their hometowns.”

Many of the members were born and raised in the UK this trip also give them a chance to under and this will help “young people who are born and raised in their culture, trying to learn and to live their lives, young people, Cyprus to visit and strengthen their ties.”

TRNC Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu has shown support for a cultural tour to Northern Cyprus. Last December, Ataoğlu met with the representatives of the association in Northern Cyprus and stated that they are working on some projects in order to enable the young people to come to North Cyprus more and not to forget the culture of the country.

KTGBİ chair Nafiya Horozoğlu thanked the Ataoğlu for supporting young people.

Horozoğlu stated that their aim is to introduce their culture and history especially to young people who are born and raised in England.

Horozoğlu further stated: “We are very grateful to the TRNC Ministry of Tourism for providing us such an opportunity. Our young people, who are born and raised here, often visit Cyprus but are not aware of their cultural and historical values. The purpose of this trip is to give a chance for young people to recognize their culture and enhance their Turkish Cypriot identity. We emphasize that young people in England are being assimilated, and the young people who are born and raised here are also experiencing a identity crisis..”

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