Protest held outside Tottenham Park Cemetery


A protest was organised infront of Tottenham Park Cemetery on Saturday, 3 November led by the Tottenham Park Action Group.  The Tottenham Park action group have asserted that they found bones scattered in the cemetery. Hence, the action group leader Tünay Hüseyin asserted that a change in the law is needed to force privately run cemeteries to follow stricter rules. An intense participation took place at the protest on Saturday.

The TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncalı, Baroness Meral Ece, Enfield Municipality Labor Party Leader Nesil Calışkan, Conservative Party Chingford Deputy Nick Halebi, Labor Party Enfield Deputy Flame Cazimoğlu, Labor Party Southgate Deputy Bambos Charalambous, campaign members and a large number community member attended to the protest.

Tünay Hüseyin, action group leader stated:

“Privately run cemeteries are not run with the same laws as in accordance with council run cemeteries, thus this has led to severe problems at the Tottenham Park Cemetery. You don’t expect to visit your loved one and find human remains. This is extremely devastating. As the Tottenham Park cemetery action group, we have been working together to improve the situation in the cemetery. Solidarity is required to solve this serious dilemma.”

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