CHP doesn’t want the hopeless

A MEETING was held in London by the CHP UK with the participation of parliamentary members. CHP Party Parliament Member and Eskisehir Deputy Gaye Usluer, CHP Party Assembly Member and İlhan Cihaner of Istanbul, CHP Hatay deputy Hilmi Yaratır, CHP Ankara deputy Şenal Sarıhan and CHP Mersin Deputies Aytuğ Atıcı and Hüseyin Çamak attended the meeting. It was stated that the Party Member of the Parliament, Sezgin Tanrıkulu, who was to attend the meeting in advance, could not attend the meeting due to special reasons.

England Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi, was attended by CHP deputies for the opening ceremony. CHP members held a panel at the England Association hall and discussed Turkey’s State of Emergency (OHAL ) which was pointed out that the state of emergency application of policies posted in politics have an adverse effect and the application of it should be removed.

The meeting, which also referred to a new turmoil that would result from the practice of uniform dressings in prisons, was mentioned in the news about the establishment of some structures under the name of the (HÖH) People’s Special Action known to be close to AKP has reflected in the news that this structure was armed and educated on this issue. It will cause an atmosphere of turmoil among the people and worry that the people are concerned about the alleged livelihood.

It has been stated that women’s murders have increased in recent times and that one of the main causes of this increase is the increasing incitement of the society. It was mentioned that the state did not perform its duty as much as it did in the sense of the protection of women in particular and that the violence was increased for this reason. In addition, topics such as presidential elections, general and local elections were among the topics discussed at the panel.

CHP Mersin Deputy Aytuğ Atıcı, who spoke on the fact that one participant stated that the CHP cannot exceed 30% in the elections, said: “For the sake of Allah, who is desperate, do not make politics in CHP. The CHP, as you know, handed over power in 1958 and has not been in power since that time. However, from now on it is necessary to say something new. When we do well in organising the chest, we already have 30%. Turkey is not working in our organisation and chest bone-party voters 25% to 20% can pull ourselves this game. Even with this project, we are only 30%. “

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