Enfield Council ‘must be smaller’

Conservatives call for drastic reduction in councillors as it promises council tax cut for residents
Conservatives manifesto launch
Enfield’s Conservative candidates launched their manifesto this week

Enfield’s Conservatives pledged to cut council tax by reducing the cost of local services if they win back power next week.

The party also has plans to consult on reducing the number of councillors by a third and tackle sickness rates among council staff.

“If we are saying to staff that they should do more with less, it’s only proper to ask ourselves if we need so many councillors,” party leader Michael Lavender said.

“Within the council’s cabinet system, how much do backbenchers actually do? We really don’t need this many councillors.”

The plan would go to consultation if they win back power, he said. Conservatives lost control of Enfield Council at the last election in 2010 but councillor Terry Neville said they had “reason to be confident” of winning.


Mr Neville said sickness rates had reached 8.5 days on average among council staff and that this needed to be reduced because the council needed to be comparing itself to the private sector.

“The marginal wards are very marginal,” he said, pointing out that there was a possibility of both UKIP and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition attracting votes away from the big two parties.

“I won’t be as bold as to say ‘it’s in the bag’ but we stand a very good chance.

“The main real difference between us is that we manage money better. It’s about going back to essential service provision.”

The Conservatives are standing 17 candidates from the Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Kurdish communities in wards across Enfield. A full list is available on Londra Gazete’s website.

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