Petition for action at Tottenham Cemetery


AFTER Last week’s letter to Enfield Council regarding the Montague Road Cemetery in Tottenham, Baroness Meral Hüseyin Ece has raised this issue of the illegal growth of Japanese knotweed at the cemetery in the House of Lords and questioning what action Enfield Councils can take against it.

In a statement made by Baroness Ece, she said: “Today there was a question in the House of Lords on what’s being done to tackle the illegal growing of the weed, Japanese knotweed, which many will know is growing rampantly in the cemetery, and destroying graves. It is a banned plant. I asked the Minister in the House of Lords, what responsibility & powers do Enfield Council have to ensure the private burial ground was cleared. The reply I got was they have powers to issue an enforcement order under the Communities Act, to clean it up, and also to notify the Police if the private owner doesn’t comply. This shows how there is much Enfield Council can do, but up till now they’ve done nothing. I urge everyone to put together a petition, demanding Enfield Council take action. I’m pressing the Council myself.”

A petition on called ‘We call on Enfield Council to take action on the owners of Tottenham Park Cemetery’ aiming to gain 1000 signers has now reached over the 500 mark and is continuing to rise. If you wish to show your support you can now sign the petition online.






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