Semih Kaplanoğlu answered questions

DIRECTOR Semih Kaplanoğlu who won the “Golden Bear Best Film” award for his film “Bal” at the 60Th Berlin Film Festival, answered the questions of the participants, including British film critics, who were at the Yunus Emre Institute on Friday (October 13th).

The latest film by the famous director ‘Buğday’ was shown twice at the London Film Festival organized by the British Film Institute (BFI). The tickets were sold out days before the film was released, showing clearly that a great interest from people and a brilliant response for the film. Kaplanoğlu has hinted news that the film could be shown on screens across England in the coming year. Throughout the interview, Kaplanoğlu responded to many questions shedding light to the earlier times of his career when he started filming, to directors influenced by local and foreigners, to ‘Yumurta’, ‘Süt’ and ‘Bal’ films, which are called the Yusuf trilogy.

Sometime into the talks, the conversation turned to Kaplanoğlu movie the ‘ Buğday’. The experienced director said that the filmmaking phase lasts for 7 years, about two years of it travels around various parts of the world and lasts for a year and a half. Kaplanoğlu also expressed satisfaction with working with Giles Nuttgens and Jean-Marc Barr. Responding to questions from film lovers, the director described many anecdotes about his life from his childhood years to the curiosity of photography, the interest of poetry, and his journey into his inner world.


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