Day-Mer revolution events this October

DAY-MER announced its schedule for the revolutionary events to take place at the London Community Centre in October.

The program, titled “We are greeting the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution”, will start on Saturday, October 21 at “Aydın Çubukçu and October Revolution Document” at 17.00. On Sunday, October 22, at 13.00 at the London Community Centre, Karl Marx’s tomb will be visited. The third event to be held in the program will be shown on Friday, October 27 at 19.00 hrs. “Short film screening and October Revolution documentary” will be shown. Alex Gordon and Aydın Çubukçu will be participating in the Saturday, October 28th panel at the London Community Center to discuss the “October Revolution and Today” topics.

The program will end with a “Marx Memorial Library tour” on Sunday, October 29 at 13:00. In the introduction brochure distributed with the title of   “We greet the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution” about the program, the following about the October Revolution were shared. “Just like today. Not thousands and millions, but under different flags, ten and hundreds of millions, billions on the whole planet. But they seemed to be alone. They were even less organized in trade unions. They were saying “I”. They were powerless. Because they were not aware of themselves and their forces and were unorganized. It was easy, they were following others. Yet others were happening, but they created everything. Thousands of them were making together with their social labour. They used one part in China, the other in Turkey, the other in France or Germany, all over the world. First in Paris in 1871, then in Russia, in October 1917, we passed through some difficulties and struggles, and we had made our own destiny. They didn’t see language, religion, colour, sex difference, they handed in and united and became one heart, one body, and no one could stand by their creativity. And they declared their sovereignty, saying, “We can rule ourselves” and the shadow of the October Revolution, which they have been in power for a long time, has fallen into the whole world. The workers of Europe and America strengthened their organizations, the Chinese peasants made their own revolutions, the colony system was scattered. The children of October united with those of the world who longed for freedom, and Hitler fumed and crushed it. In many countries, it was the fear of organized and organized power, if unrequited health, education, housing-type social services were called “social state”, which is now being tried to be withdrawn. Their hearts were laid on all the exploiters of the world, filled with fear, of the October Revolution. There were malicious. And they thought that mankind had destroyed their aspirations for salvation.

The richest percent of the world’s wealth is proof that the world is hungry for new Octobers, even though the remaining billion are exploited, and yet are unorganized.” Anyone who wishes to know more about the programs please get in touch via or contact 020 7275 8440

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