London Madımak Monument was renewed


The monument to remember and commemorate Madımak, that was built 6 years ago went through a renovation and was presented to the community on last Saturday, with a special event.

The event that took place on Stoke Newington Common Park, many faces from the community along with representatives from local charities and organisations were present at the event. Some important representatives were seen as: BAF President İsrafil Erbil, Europe Alevi Associations Federation President Hüseyin Mat and his deputy Mehmet Ali Çankaya, General Secretary Bulent Ant, France Alevi Federations President Erdaş Kılıçkaya, Austria Alevi Federation President Ethem Şahin, Switzerland Alevi Federation President Cem Bitner, Belgium Alevi Federation President Fatma Binici, East Midlands AKM Cemevi President Mehmet Durna, Sheffield AKM President İsmail Arslan, İAKM Cemevi President Tugay Hurman and many more.

Speaking at the event, BAF President İsrafil Erbil said that the renovation of Madımak Monument helps the community to remember and commemorate such historic stains that are hard to forget.

As many visitors paid their respects by leaving flowers, France Alevi Federation president Erdal Kılıçkaya on the other hand stated that they are well on their way to establish Europe’s biggest Alevi monument in Paris.

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