“Gönülden Nağmeler” will touch your hearts

London based Turkish Classical Music Choir are to organise an event “Gönülden Nağmeler” (Tones from the Heart) to meet with music lovers.

Established in 2012 and as a leading Turkish music choir in the UK, Vatan Kültürel will be leading a Project that will be for making a disabled child’s dreams come true. Conducted by Baha Yetkin, the concert’s preparations had been going on for almost 6 months. Talking to Londra Gazete, the choir’s chair Türkan Nalbantoğlu remarked the standpoints of the Vatan Kültürel.

“Ever since we got established, we have been organising concerts that have always thrived to help our community. We would like to see ourselves as a way of helpers and supporters to our community which they can escape from their routine by listening to us and hopefully let us touch their hearts. We will be donating all of the income from this concert to a disabled children to make her dreams come true by helping the family arrange a cruise tour.

The tickets will be available to purchase at Vatan Catering or at the door on the concert da yor by calling 07771 55 65 44. The price per ticket is clarified as 12 Pounds. The event will take place in Bromley, BR1 3, Bromley, Bromley Civic Centre – The Great Hall on the 7th of May and shuttles from Edmonton Police Station will depart at 5 PM.

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