“Istanbul meets London” to launch this week

Istanbul Meets London, a collective exhibition featuring seven famous Turkish artists will take place at the Strand Gallery between 29 April – 5 May. The event will comprise of paintings by  Aysegul Coles, Renk Erbil, Savas Simitli, Suat Cetinkaya Orgun and Ufuk Uyanik, photographs by Erdal Turkoglu and Veyis Polat and jewelery by Suat Cetinkaya Orgun.

Organised by Fashion and Art consultant Zeynep Ober in collaboration with Art consultant Gulce Ilken and Event Manager Devrim Karabulut, the showing will open for private viewing with a reception strictly by invitation on 29th April and continue for the public from 30 April to 5 May.

The artists and organisers hope to enthuse and attract art lovers by presenting a glimpse of contemporary eastern culture at the heart of a western one.

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