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“Calling all travelers…”


When I walk into a small tucked-away office in North London, a warm welcome greets me from a person I’m always pleased to see. He offers me a seat next to his desk and allows me to get comfortable, we’re about to have an interview (I’ve called it a chat for the last two years) after all. The computer screen is full of several windows, including message alerts, queries and an inbox filled with emails. It’s such a pleasure to see people hard at work, especially nowadays.

Typing away responses to inquiries, this young businessman does his best to focus his attention on me, as I throw question after question at him about the new business and how it all happened.

So how did you begin your career in Tourism?

“I first started by studying and completing two short courses in airline and tourism, then once I got my certificates from them I went straight into work.”

So no more studying because work was already at the door, just in case you’re all wondering if short courses help or not? Trust me and this businessman that they help more than you could ever imagine.

What was your first job?

“My first job was in a travel agency and all they had to offer was flights, so that’s where I started off, in a London travel agency selling flights to the customers…

I cut in, so did you like it?

Actually, yes I did, I enjoyed it and began learning within the industry too.”

Tell me more, what else did you? How did you get to where you are now?

“I worked in a number of different places. I worked for an agency, I worked as Head of Reservation for another travel agents, I’ve even had jobs working in the airport and for an airline itself.. Everything was done step by step and that includes all the countries I’ve visited so far too both for work and pleasure.”

Where have you traveled so far then? I ask smiling. There’s a large world map stretched out on the wall behind us which he points to as he explains…

“I’ve traveled around all of Europe, I’ve also had the chance to visit North Africa and even India, where I went for work and each time it’s been fun and hands-on experience..”

So how did you set up your business?

“I’ve been in the travel and tourism industry for 12 years now, I know all the ins and outs, what type of business it is and how to work an agency. It was easy to open too.

What does it offer as an agency then? Why are you different from the rest?

“We offer not just any service, but a personal one. Face-face or on the phone, online bookings really aren’t as safe as we think. The tickets are cheap, they’re also changeable (contact us to find out), you can choose your meal and seats when booking too.

“We’re different because we have such a large range to offer, such as the various airlines (150 to be exact) including BA, Pegasus, Easyjet, Turkish Airlines and so on, we also take bookings worldwide. The personal experience we have of traveling makes all the more difference, there’s even an installment payment service customers can use for holiday- package bookings.”

So who am I talking about? Kept you guessing haven’t I, Mr Murat Yuksel, founder and owner of Just2Travel agency in Edmonton, North London. There’s competitions too and it’s on their Facebook page. Remember to follow the stages though, like the page, the link, share the link and invite all your friends too- your chance of winning will go up!

For cheap, guaranteed bookings with a friendly and experienced service visit Just2Travel, 34 The Market Square, Edmonton Shopping Centre, London N9 0T or call on 0203 598 18 18.

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