London Celebrate Republics 92nd Year


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LONDON has celebrated the 92nd year of the Turkish Republic at the Turkish Embassy with a celebration reception held there.

The Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgiç and his wife Esra Bilgiç, Military Staff Colonel Mehmet Çalkayış and his wife Gülcan Çalkayış and Ambassador Consultant Fatih Ulusoy were the hosts of the reception. Hundreds of guests who attended the reception included, British diplomats and several London representatives from many other foreign countries.

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Those who attended the night listened to the written message from the President of Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was read out by Ambassador Bilgiç, the message said:

“Our future as a nation and our independence 92nd year anniversary, our War of Independence, is the last major fight for our Republic we provide our transportation after we declare the victory anniversary. 81 provinces and I congratulate all citizens of our Republic Day around the world. 29 October 1923, we declared the anniversary of our Republic, 92 year of enthusiasm we share together as a nation.

A 92-year history of our Republic, showing how our nation could stand up again in the toughest conditions, giving us hope for the future is a period we should take, every step we take lessons. 600 rising youths, our republic on the ruins of an annual world state, Atatürk’s terse manner stated ‘contemporary extraction on the level of civilization’ struggle, the first day’s excitement, we continue with determination and enthusiasm.

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He said: “In 1923, we crowned the new state as we declared the establishment” Unity and togetherness is our message continued President Erdogan, “Today the Republic of Turkey is not only their own citizens, but also in our region and around the world of all the victims, the oppressed, is also a source of hope of kin and sister communities. Our Union, our solidarity, brotherhood behind the attack has not reached this level of discontent from the work of our Republic. In 1919, we launched our War of Independence, in very difficult circumstances, how if we crowned by declaring the founding of the new state in 1923, also the problems we face today, I hope by 2023 we will leave behind reaching our goals.

We will go on with the joint work of our Republic, our nation, our country and work for the future of our nation, to fight, to sacrifice is required, it is our common duty. 78 million of our citizens every individual in this country, the Republic have the same rights, which share a common history and a common future and pride in the design. The origin of the members of our nation, faith, denomination, disposition, culture, costume-dress shield anyone on the separation of the spirit of the Republic is in essence betrayed- “Give expression to the place.”

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President Erdogan’s message continued: “In recent years, the state and the nation, just as 92 years ago, a period that in unity and solidarity towards the ambitious goals we have all built together. In the coming period, in the heritage of our country with other acquisitions, we have come together again. By the 100th  anniversary of the founding of our republic, we would have hoped to have achieved our 2023 target, as well as our unity, solidarity, brotherhood has done as I strongly believe that we will enter the top level. These feelings are especially for founder of our Republic Mustafa Kemal, the land that makes us all veterans of our country once again, the martyrs mercy, I would like to pay tribute and gratefully remember them. Wishing you all a very Happy 29th October, 2015..”

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