Almost 1000 Brexit food survival kits sold

THE so-called Brexit survival kits which cost almost £300 are being sold in advance before the UK officially leaves the EU.

The packs are inclusive of freeze-dried food to last 30 days, a water filter and fire starting gel.

Lynda Mayall, 61, stated she purchased a box to supplement her stocks of tinned food and toilet roll as she was concerned that there may be “chaos” in the months after Brexit.

A government spokesperson said there was “no need” to stockpile any of the items in the box.

A number of Brexit survival-themed products have appeared for sale and several online discussion groups have been set up.

More than 3,500 people have joined the Facebook group 48% Preppers which says it discusses “the practical preparations people are making for life after Brexit”.

In October, ferry firm Stena warned a no-deal Brexit may affect food supplies, while cold storage firm Wild Water said it was running out of space as producers sought to stockpile goods.

James Blake said since his company, Emergency Food Storage UK, launched the Brexit Box last month he had sold more than 600.

“We tried to put a box together that gives people the basics they would need, it’s got 60 portions of main meals plus 48 portions of meat, a water filter and a fire starter in case they need to heat the water,” he said.





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