Mehmet Arslan: “I wany to speak with my drawings”

CARTOON Exhibition called “A little bit!” will take place on January 27th at the Garden House Kitapevi.

The organiser Mehmet Arslan hade made the following statement:

“Cartoon is the common language and mirror of the world. The invaders, the exploiters, the thieves, the dictators, they banish this language, they destryoy this mirror. I migrated to England from a country whose language is banned and whose mirror is broken. I want to speak with my drawings.

I was born in the Bercenek village of Afsin. Hence, I am trying to illustrate the truth with my drawings as our Poet Asik Mahzuni Serif told with his songs. My first exhibition took plance in 2012, the second exhibition was in 2017, and this will be my third exhibition. Now that I have to live here, I will aim to organise many exhibitions whereby my illustration will be on display.”

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