Free health scan by TCCA

A free health screenings took place at the Turkish Cypriot Community Association (TCCA) Centre, topics such as general complaints made by patients and keeping control of as sugar levels and blood pressure were made.

On Saturday, March 3rd, members of community participated in the health screening and were asked whether they carried certain symptoms of increasing intestinal distress recently.

At Middlesex University Hospital, Health Professor Mekelle Mehmet Yeşil described the importance of health screening in the following speech:

“We are doing a health check in this area. In health screening, we perform checks on cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure, weight problems, and heart health. In this regard, if there are certain risks, we share it and recommend the necessary precautions and health institutions to apply. Many diseases actually begin to manifest themselves at the beginning. The important thing is to be able to take correct and timely measures for these diseases. We also want to make people aware of this issue with this program. “

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