Ball held by The European Disabled Association


THE EUROPEAN Disabled Association celebrated the World Disability Day on December 3rd. Many benefactors, as well as members of the community with disabilities, participated in AVED’s ball, creating awareness for disabled people and working towards making their lives easier. In AVED’s President Poyraz Veysal Çadır, speech he thanked everyone for their support and talked about the associations work.

This years AVED World Disability Day ball was celebrated for the third year. Many singers got up on the stage on the night to give an unforgettable night for the guests.

Awarded by Queen Elizabeth II singer Suat Sancar made a small speech before taking to the stage to sing on the night.


“First of all, I greet you with all my sincere love, respectfulness and respect for your valuable participation. Nights like this is when we realize we are human. We live the importance of sharing, the value of giving hand, and the times when we all understand together. I would like to express my gratitude to all the valuable participants, the sponsoring company officials and all the labourers, especially those who feel that we are more peaceful with the invitations of the night, especially the officials of the European Disabled Association.”

At the end of the night, thank-you certificates were given to sponsors and artists.

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