Arife Retvan President once again

IN THE 16th Ordinary Congress of the British Limasollular Association, one of the most active and popular associations of LONDON, the President and the New Management body were identified. Arife Retvan, President of Association of Limasollular Association CTCA mentioned that the associations were selected as “The Most Active and Cooperating Employee” of the year 2017 stating they are very happy receiving such an award. The meeting was attended by members and managers of the association.

“I am very happy to have received such a prize together by the council this year. We are not just working with CTCA, we are working in harmony with all associations in London. Today, our new term management will be selected here and I believe that we will sign successful and useful works in this period as it is every period. In Cyprus there was a task assigned to us by the council. That task was to pray for Rauf Denktash death.


We observe this task every year by praying for Rauth Denktash’s death. We attach much importance to the introduction of the book as our association. This year we have again realised the book presentation of Sonay Yakup Yakupoğlu. We have a day called “Happiness Day” and we organized this charity event. When they ask for help from our association, they ask us to give us so much money, we determine what we need as an association and we get what we need. For this reason, we are reaching directly to the people and persons we help, and we are not leaving a question mark. I extend my sincere gratitude to Ms. Zehra Başaran, the Cyprus Representative who never left us alone, to the administration of the Council, to the executives and members of our association, to other associations who always work in harmony with us, and of course our beloved press members.

The financial affairs manager Tevfik Zekai read the financial report of the past term, it was decided that the previous board of directors should be continued in the new period in the same way and a new period was started.


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