Time for a chat

It’s funny how the internet works and even chat rooms, it’s 2am and I wake up, can’t sleep, so log into a chat room I’ve discovered recently and check from time-time.

Using a different nick I log in and “Oh my god” is all I can say, the channel itself is full of users and the separate chat rooms are the same, there’s even a DJ on air. Okay it might sound odd, but what surprised me most was the fact that it’s a Turkish chat room and they’re two hours ahead!

Since then, I’ve gone back and forth and become a regular user – even the radio shows are enough to put you in a good mood or allow you to chill. Having become an operator in one of the channels rooms, I decide to interview the administrator DoqancanPusat and ask what’s so special about www.sohbetodam.org?

When did the channel open? And how has it become so successful in this time?

It was founded 10 months ago and in the first three months we managed to get to the top of the rankings. Obviously we had things we needed to work on and some gaps to fill in so we then saw a drop, but after working and gaining experience we brought ourselves back up again. This was all thanks to Zero- the founder of the channel.

I assume there are thousands of people visiting the channel everyday how is this even possible?

The channel has between three-four thousand users visiting everyday making this happen isn’t at all easy, SEO information is required and of course how to then progress this, this isn’t easy and takes a lot of time to do.

Congratulations, this is something to be pleased with. So how do you feel about all of this?

First of all thank you very much, I’m really happy with this too but it was Zero’s idea to open this channel and we’re all beside him.

Will you describe to me the environment at SohbetOdam?

The channel has every type of person because log-ins are from Google and so you can’t separate people. According to Turkey and their rankings we are first and people log-in taking this into account. There are new friendships forming at the moment and I feel this is going to get better.

I totally agree and can say it’s definitely a nice environment to be in, however what caught my attention most was that even at very late hours or early hours of the morning, there are still so many people, what are the reasons for this?

It’s generally on the weekends. I think people don’t really find much to do in Turkey if at home and because Turkish people are amiable you don’t realise how quick the time passes.  (He puts a smiley face)

The live radio shows are completely different to each other, how is this decided and does it make a difference to ratings?

Yes, our friends here are involved with the shows, there are applications to the radio station and according to that shows are accepted. The DJ’s show compassion towards the listeners with their feelings towards the music, naturally this makes a difference to the ratings too.

Would you describe SohbetOdam to me in five words please?

Five words… He thinks. I change it and ask for two sentences instead. How can I explain it? It’s a quality chat room. A chat room, where mature people are in a frame, according to their levels and choose to chat to one another. The second, talk, chat, talk, chat rooms and the most visited chat room with in Turkish chat-rooms and channels.

And finally what would you like to say to those at and not at www.sohbetodam.org?

Oh the beasts I’ve sacrificed myself and those thrown from my chat room 😀

Thank you sohbetodam and a very big Happy Birthday to our radio co-ordinator HmSs…

May you be blessed with best and only the best beautiful lady, lots of love… x

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