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We are women


Vacancy: job specification

Female, must be able to cook, clean, tidy, have and look after children, have little social life (if any), well presented and complete daily tasks such as washing, ironing, dusting, home-made dinner, the school run, must follow house rules and have a positive attitude at all times.

Location: Every home

Hours: 24/7

Sound familiar does it? Well if you’re male- your mother, wife, partner and pretty much every female has been doing this as their ‘job’since you’ve known them. And if you’re female like myself, yet to be married or have children, then you know the rest like the back of your hand.

Isn’t it ironic that we automatically associate women with ‘chores’ such as these, as though it’s the ‘norm’. Well I can assure you it isn’t and if you think it is then think again.

Women should not have to cook for you, clean up after you, wash your dirty clothes and become so tired that at 9pm she’s ready for bed and be given an earful from you because you ‘don’t spend anytime together’.

What century are you living in? It certainly isn’t the same as mine, if you’re man enough to give orders, work and protect yourself when you have to, then why aren’t you man enough when it comes to the women  who are special to you..

Ok, I won’t be biased here because I’m sure there are men young and old who do help around the house and treat the women in their lives and around them with respect, unfortunately that isn’t the problem we have today.

Men were created to care, look after, love and protect women not give us orders, not to criticise or compare us, not to make us unhappy or worse abuse us.

Shocking as it may be, on average two women a week are killed as a result of violence by their partner or former partner in the UK.

This statistic sickens me, in my eyes them ‘men’ who I won’t even refer to as humans should be punished for the rest of their lives. Lock ’em up and throw away the key because they deserve no better for what they’ve done.

I’m a young woman, I’m a human being and have the right to stand up for what I believe in. I deserve and am entitled to be treated with equality by those around me, as does every other woman. Whether she is black, white, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, married, single, lesbian, straight, transsexual or bi, it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, treat her with manners and be careful not to break her.

Any woman in your life is a blessing, any female, child, youth, teenager, sister, mum, daughter, wife, friends- they are all treasures you just need to make sure you look after them, because that’s all they’ve ever done for you.

Remember no woman/young girl should be forced into marriage, beaten or abused (physically, sexually or emotionally) it is wrong!

As a society, as women, as true human-beings we must speak out, we must stand up, we could help save someone’s life.

You were carried, looked after and brought into the world by a woman, please don’t forget their worth..

For more information on women who have been victims of domestic violence or any other type of abuse and how to help them please visit

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