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Did homoeopathic treatment help Prince Charles with Coronavirus?

Did homoeopathic treatment help Prince Charles with Coronavirus?

Interview: Egemen Arkut (Translated) 

WHILE the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread fear and anxiety around the world, it seems that some people who are at risk due to their age and illnesses have recovered in a short time.

Prince Charles is one of the well-known figures of the British Royal family. Prince Charles, who was immediately quarantined after the coronavirus test was positive, recovered from quarantine in only 7 days is also the patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy and is thought to have beaten the coronavirus with homoeopathic treatment.


Homoeopathy is an alternative treatment method based on the belief that a disease can be treated by delivering substances at very low doses to patients whose symptoms can reveal disease in a healthy person.

Some scientists claim that homoeopathy is in-effected and the NHS recommends doctors stop providing it. While others across the world argue that this treatment method is more effective and harmless than normal medicine.

Speaking to Londra Gazete Doctor Emel Gökmen explained homoeopathy and its effect against coronavirus in its treatment of virus:

Can homoeopathy treat coronavirus disease?

There is no antiviral drug that kills the virus in homoeopathy. We can never deal with trying to kill viruses. The important thing is that we are strong. Homoeopathy strengthens our immunity. As in the case of Prince Charles, the incoming virus is taken under control without harm…

How did Prince Charles recover?

Homoeopathy had a significant positive effect. The royal family has been supporting and using homoeopathy for three generations. The first homoeopathy hospital was opened in London in 1849 with the permission of Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth II’s travels always include a leather case with an emergency travel kit. Some may say that Prince Charles did not recover with homoeopathy. However, considering the age of the prince, homoeopathy is effective in maintaining such fast health…

How do we know if we have Covid-19 or Coronavirus?

Symptoms that make me think I’m sick often start suddenly. The most common initial finding; headache, low back pain and weakness. This classic trio may be accompanied by one or more of the fever, sore throat, dry cough and nasal congestion. Let’s not forget that the disease can begin without fever and sore throat. A runny nose does not occur in this disease either. The pain spreads throughout the body in 1-2 days and is very severe. These features and 3-4. Loss of smell and taste developed on days should also suggest this disease…

It is very important to pay attention to these findings because if we take these symptoms seriously and rest, we will help our body overcome the virus…

Dr. Emel Gökmen

Should we be treated with homoeopathy in a pandemic?

The damage shown in autopsies caused by coronavirus is starting to be examined, it shows damages other nerves, such as the nervous system and heart, as well as the lungs. This virus is mild to the majority, but if it progresses, it harms the body… Over time, we physicians will recognize this virus, solutions such as medication and vaccine will be developed, but why should we not use homoeopathy, which until now has been said to be effective in pandemics. I have observed and believe that it is very effective. The important thing is no harm…

As we finished our interview, Dr Emel Gökmen, Can you tell us about your work and yourself?

I worked as a classical physician in the first 14 years of my 30-year professional life. I am a neurologist and have spent the last 16 years of training and practices in many areas of integrative medicine. I have my book and studies on pain. I have been living in London and Istanbul for 2 years. My clinic continues in Istanbul, I practice homoeopathy and acupuncture in London.



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