Solidarity night at the Day-Mer



TURKISH and Kurdish Community Centre brought together members and supporters for the night of solidarity. About 150 people attended the evening at the North London Community Centre. Participants has a very entertaining night with dinner, music and renewed their spirit of unity and solidarity. The event took place on the evening of 5th of November, it started at 6pm with Canan Sargar, İbrahim Kırılmaz, Bergüzar, Gönül Ulutaş and Music Avesta all taking to the stage singing beautiful songs to the guests.

Selvi Özdemir made a speech at the evening and spoke to the participants. “As many of us know, Day-Mer was founded in November 1989 by labourers who had to leave their homes due to political and economic troubles in Turkey. Day-Mer started to work as a solidarity institution in order to combat and assist the refugees of Turkey origin in Turkey due to their new surroundings in this country. Since Day-Mer was establishment with its activities for the Turkish Speaking Communities with the unions and civil society’s. there has been a principle of fighting together in Britain with the class struggle. Day-Mer also organized the solidarity of workers, labourers and prominent people in England with the workers and labourers from Turkey, as well as informing them about the problems in the democracy struggle Turkey faces.

Friends over the course of 28 years, in England has seen the labourers struggling for the right to education, health and housing, their right attached and the struggle has continue to increase. Economic and political pressures are coming to an end, and pressures continue to increase in Turkey. AKP government who want to establish one man and one party power continue despite the attacks on their opposition with oppressions and deaths. Day-Mer will continue to support the struggle for democracy in Turkey as well as to take part in the class struggle in the UK, where we live.” After Özdemir talked, the night continued with music and entertainment.

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