BAF opens its headquarters


BRITAINS Alevi Federation will open its headquarters bought previously with a ceremony where everyone is invited.

The British Alevi Federation (BAF), which collects 18 different Alevi Cultural Centres operating in the UK under the same roof, will unveil its new service building. The new service building, which will offer friendly activities suitable for food, music and families, will also be a centre for music and sports trainings. The BAF administration will take place on Sunday, October 29 at 11:00 pm, the opening of the new service building.

“We are proud to see you at the opening of our Federation’s new headquarters in Enfield. Your participation and thought constitutes an important place for us to achieve our goals and goals together, “the BAF administration invited everybody to the opening of the new service building. The opening to be held on Sunday, October 29 from 11.00 to 13.00 will be held at the new centre in Churchfield Rec Ground (N9 9LE) on Great Cambridge Road. Long-time negotiations with the Enfield municipality have finally yielded the key to the BAF centre settlement in the past week. The British Alawi Federation, which conducts London-based activities, is the roof of the Alevi institutions and establishments in the UK borders. BAF, which uses a building in Hackney with the UK Alevi Cultural Centre and the Cemevi, starts its activities in the new settlement after the restructuring. There are also indoor and outdoor areas available for use.

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  1. 35000 Alevi Living Enfield they did not have any centre for long time. Very nice hear this community centre at Enfield.

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