Tuncay Özkan and Ümit Zileli in London for Turkish Republic Ball

UNITED Kingdom Turkish Society Associations to celebrate the 29 October Republic Day which is traditionally held every year, the ball will be organized on Regency Banqueting Suite on Sunday, October 29th this year. The information announced by the federation about the ball that invited all Republic and Ataturk lovers related to the October 29th Republic Day, which will be celebrated for the 94th anniversary, is as follows: “As the Federation of British Turkish Associations, we organize the Republic Ball which we traditionally organize every year in order to celebrate the October 29 Republic Day in the Regency Banqueting Suite on Sunday, October 29 this year.

On October 29, 2017. We are looking forward to celebrating the birthday of our nation with all the citizens of Ataturk and Motherland who will celebrate the year with the aim of securing the secular, democratic and modern Republic of Turkey, to live in joy and excitement.” The artists Ersin Faikzade, Özgür Canyurt, Tuba Ozcivan, Melek Yalçın, Baha Yetkin and Hoş Seda will all sing for to our beautiful guests in the night where CHP İzmir Deputy Tuncay Özkan and famous journalist – writer Ümit Zileli will be invited as honored guests. If you wish to receive your invitation for this special night which is 40 pounds, you can either call 07561101840 or 07887485394 or e-mail turkishfederation@ymail.com.

Tuncay Özkan
Ümit Zileli
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