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Tag: vaccine

INITIAL take-up of Covid jabs was lower in the capital because some Londoners had a “critical” lack of trust in the new vaccines and in the authorities promoting and administering them, a study has found. It also pointed to “barriers” in getting the vaccines to zero-hour and shift-workers, many of whom felt there were more “costs than benefits”...
Dünyanın en büyük İngilizce sözlüğü Oxford Languages, yılın en çok kullanılan kelimesi olarak “vaccine” kelimesinin kısaltılmış bir çeşidi olan “vax”ı seçti. İlk olarak 1980’lerde kullanılmaya başlanan kelime, İngilizce’de zaten yeterince yaygın bir kelime olan “vaccine”in önüne geçti. Sözlüğün yayın evi olan Oxford Languages, konuyla ilgili açıklamasında “Vax kelimesi 2021’de İngilizce’nin kan...
Young adults were on Friday warned that they will be grounded in Britain if they do not get the Covid-19 jab. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stressed that people who do not get inoculated will be unable to fly to most, if not all, countries. He highlighted Britain’s world-leading vaccine roll-out, which has so far...
Clinically vulnerable children and those living with at-risk adults will be offered a Covid-19 vaccine – but most teenagers will not, Nadhim Zahawi has announced. The vaccines minister told MPs that the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JVCI) has recommended that children “at an increased risk of serious Covid-19...
Business Secretary Alok Sharma has said that the government is “absolutely confident” the UK will have 800,000 coronavirus vaccine doses by next week. Sharma said some of the Pfizer/BioNTech doses had arrived, with more expected by the end of the year. However, he was unable to say how many that...
Dünyanın en zenginlerinden Bill Gates, yeni tip koronavirüs (COVID-19) hakkında yine çok konuşulacak açıklamalarda bulundu. Fox News Sunday’e konuşan Bill Gates, pandeminin 2022’nin sonuna kadar sürebiliceğini belirtti. Gates bu tarihin en iyi senaryo olduğu iddiasının da altını çizdi.Koronavirüs aşısının 2021’in ilk aylarında kullanıma girmesini beklediğini belirten Gates buna rağmen hayatın...
As global coronavirus cases neared 30 million on Tuesday, a senior health official in China said she expected a vaccine to be publicly available as early as November this year. According to the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 tracker, which relies on official government data, there are 29,190,588 confirmed infections worldwide. Deaths stand...
Downing Street has insisted the UK will get “first access” to a coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University amid reports that Donald Trump is considering fast-tracking its approval. Oxford University’s vaccine, currently being developed with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, is considered one of the leading candidates among more than 100 teams vying to produce one. The White House is considering...
More than 100,000 people have signed up to take part in future NHS trials of a coronavirus vaccine – but more volunteers are needed, researchers say. They want as many people as possible to enrol, to speed up their efforts to find a safe and effective jab. And they are...
The UK has added a further 90m doses of coronavirus vaccine to its stockpile. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced that it has ordered 60m doses of a vaccine from the US biotech company Novavax, and 30m doses of another from the Janssen Pharmaceutical Company, which...
Most people in England, about 30 million, are to be offered a free flu vaccine this year, the government says. It is to prepare for a winter that could see the annual flu season coincide with a surge in coronavirus. The NHS flu programme will add all over-50s, people shielding...
A coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears safe and triggers an immune response. Trials involving 1,077 people showed the injection led to them making antibodies and T-cells that can fight coronavirus. The findings are hugely promising, but it is still too soon to know if this is...
Researchers at the University of Oxford believe they have made a breakthrough in the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Human trials are reported to have shown promising results after the team discovered the jab could provide “double protection” against the virus. Blood samples taken from volunteers in phase one trials...