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Coronavirus has caused three times more deaths than pneumonia and flu combined in the first eight months of this year, new figures show. There were 48,168 deaths due to Covid-19, 13,619 due to pneumonia and 394 deaths due to influenza in England and Wales between January and August, according to...
The UK could see 49,000 daily new cases by mid-October if coronavirus infections continue to double every seven days, Sir Patrick Vallance has warned. At a Downing Street briefing, the chief scientific adviser shared a graph that shows how infections could surge quickly unless action is taken to slow the...
New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Tuesday showed England and Wales have recorded the lowest weekly number of deaths from coronavirus since March, when lockdown was imposed. 152 people died from Covid-19 in the week up to 7 August, the lowest number of deaths from the disease over...
More than 9,000 Londoners have died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, new research revealed. Public Health England found there had been 9,349 “excess deaths” – the number above the average from previous years – in the capital between March 20 and the end of July. Of these, 8,502 mentioned Covid-19 on...
  The number of dead in Beirut’s huge explosion has risen to at least 135, with around 5,000 injured and tens of people still missing. The rise was announced by health minister Hamad Hassan as rescuers continued a desperate search for survivors. Up to 300,000 people have been left homeless...
The number of deaths registered in England and Wales over one week has fallen below the five-year average for the first time since mid-March. New figures from the Office for National Statistics also reveal the true number of deaths linked to coronavirus in England is at least 8,919 higher than the government’s...
The Department of Health and Social Care has announced its daily update on the coronavirus statics. 428 more people died during the 24 hour period between 5 pm 12 May and 5 pm 13 May, taking the total deaths in all settings (hospitals, care homes and community) to 33,614. As...
SADLY over the past week Hakan Seyyar and Hatice Arkış,  members of the Turkish speaking community have passed away after contracting coronavirus. As of 4pm on Wednesday 6 May, 138 known members of the Turkish Speaking of the community have fallen victim to the virus. With news of the first...
NEARLY 2 million people have contracted the coronavirus and close to 130,000 deaths recorded worldwide as the battle against the virus continues, so does the number of victims from the Turkish speaking community in the UK. As of Wednesday 4pm, 94 known Turkish Speaking Members of the community have fallen...
The Department for Health and Social Care has announced in its daily update on testing and figures on coronavirus, that in a 24 hour period between the 10 April and the 11 April 737 more people have died after contracting coronavirus. A total of 352,974 people have been tested in...
The US has become the first country to record 2,000 coronavirus-linked deaths in a single day. There were 2,108 deaths announced among Covid-19 patients in the past 24 hours, data from Johns Hopkins University’s tracker shows. According to the tracker, the death tollin the US stands at 18,777, just short of Italy’s total of 18,849, which...
The Department for Health and Social Care has announced in its daily update on testing and figures on coronavirus, that in a 24 hour period between the 3 April and the 4 April 621 more people have died after contracting coronavirus. A total of 195,524 people have been tested in...
The number of coronavirus deaths in Spain has fallen for the third day in a row – a glimmer of hope in the hard-hit country where more than 12,400 have died. The fall is part of a pattern seen in other European countries which imposed a stringent lockdown several weeks...
Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, 13, and Luca Di Nicola, 19, both passed away having picked up the deadly virus. Ismail, a schoolboy from Brixton, started showing symptoms and had trouble breathing on Thursday so was rushed to hospital, his relatives said. They told how he tested positive for the disease the...
  As of 9 am 29 March 127,737 people were tested for Coronavirus of them 108,215 have tested negative and 19,522 people have tested positives. In the 24 hour period from 5pm of the 27 March and 5pm 28 March has seen the number of deaths reach have increased by...
Announcing a new changed to the daily update of cases and deaths of Coronavirus in the UK, the Department of Health and Social Care will be sharing the daily number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK as of 9am of the date of publication of the figures, but the number...
The number of Turkish Speaking people who have died from coronavirus in London has jumped to 10.  Melik Ejder Ülkümen, Ahmet Raşit, Kamil Ahmet, Şengül Besim, Ahmet Raşit and Yıldıray Faik have all lost their lives due to the virus in the last couple of days.  It is feared that...
The death toll from coronavirus in London has jumped to 148, about half the UK’s total. Despite the capital being at the epicentre of the outbreak and hospitals under massive pressure, there were scenes today of people crowded onto Tubes and buses. Some of them will be NHS and other key workers...