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Tag: Culture

The England Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi’s (IAKMC) Culture and Art Unit held a meeting with its members on Saturday 22 to discuss and learn more about its members who enjoy art and artists ideas. Speaking about the event they said “We wish to make use of our place, space...
The Solidarity Center of the Turkish and Kurdish Community (Day-Mer), one of the most established institutions of Turkish-speaking communities in the UK, celebrated its 30th anniversary with enthusiasm. Day-Mer was established in 1989 after increased immigration from Turkey to the UK. Day-Mer, which has been active since the day it...
THE Culture and Arts Talks events has been organised by the London Yunus Emre Institute since January 2017, the 9th series of the talk took place on 6 December, whereby Dr.Bora Keskiner participated as a guest speaker. Dr.Bora Keskiner made a presentation about ‘Calligrapher Sultans’ at the London Emre Institute...
TRNC Education and Culture Minister Cemal Ozyigit held a press conference at the TRNC London Representation office on Friday, November 16 within the scope of visits in London. In the press conference which took place in the TRNC office, Ozyigit was accompanied by TRNC London Representative Oya Tuncali, TRNC Elementary...
THE Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Education and Culture Minister Cemal Özyiğit has come to London to pursue various visits within London. Previously, Cemal Özyiğit, the Minister of Education and Culture, told Londra Gazete that he will be coming to London to visit the Turkish language schools located in London...
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Education and Culture Minister Cemal Özyiğit will visit London on 15 November. Cemal Özyiğit, the Minister of Education and Culture, told Londra Gazete that he will be coming to London to visit the Turkish language schools located in London also engage with community members....
THE annual Anatolian Culture Festival celebrated its 12 years of annual festive celebrations of cultural diversity on 29 and 30 September. This festival consisted of popular cultural exhibits, foods, crafts, and performances highlighting the history of the region in Turkey, along with an array of new features. The grand opening...
THE Anatolian Culture Festival is one of the greatest and well-known festivals which occur in England every year.The Anatolian Culture Festival organised in London as become a traditional festival which will take place for the 12th time this year. The festival is traditionally organised by the Suleymaniye Cultural Center and the...
“THE MOST precious treasure, the works that ensure the continuity of our culture” Musician, Producer, Recorder and Composer Cem Tuncer continues his artistic works in London. Speaking to us at Londra Gazete exclusively Tuncer gave insight to his projects, life and passion. Tuncer touched upon the richness of Turkish culture...
TRNC London Education and Culture Attaché Gülgün Özçelik, said that the children are the most valuable assets should learn their mother tongue and culture stressing that they should not forget the language and culture. Speaking to the London Newspaper, Özçelik stated that for this 2018 -2019 academic year they will...
  THE Turkish Cypriot Culture Festival, held for the second time behalf of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations UK (CTCA), took place on Sunday, June 17 at Enfield Donkey Lane. Tens of thousands of people have experienced the same excitement and joy in the festival this year too, there...
During the Cyprus Turkish Culture Festival which will be held on June 17, in London, a campaign will be launched for direct flights from England to Northern Cyprus. Muhammet Yaşarata, the head of the UK Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, gave information in regards of this issue and underlined that...
Day-Mer, operating in London, started its 29th Culture and Art Festival with a great reception. The Turkish and Kurdish Community Solidarity Centre (Day-Mer) hosted an opening ceremony at the community centre and attracted a large number of trade unionists, mass organisation managers, political party representatives and Day-Mer members. The festival...
  Organised by Turkish Cypriot Trust UK, the Turkish Cypriot culture and art festival occurred on Sunday, 10 June at Lee Valley Athletic Centre whereby just over 14 thousand festival lovers attended. Special guests such as, Baroness Meral Ece, Enfield Labour MP Joan Ryan, Council leader Nesil Çalışkan, Enfield Mayor...
THE festival committee made the following statement about the second festival to be held this year: “As the UK Cypriot Association of the United Kingdom (CTCA UK), we will do the Cyprus Turkish Culture Festival, which we have successfully accomplished last year, at Enfield Playing Fields, Donkey Lane, Enfield EN1...
THE BOOK of attachment by Fethi Gemuhluoglu, who has an important place in the culture of Turkish culture of author Nuri Pakdil, was translated into English by the Yunus Emre Institute London Representative.
The long-closed Atatürk Culture Center (AKM) on Istanbul’s Taksim Square will reopen after renovation in 2019, Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş has said.
YUNUS Emre Institute continues to introduce Turkey's cultural heritage, Turkish language, culture and art with various activities.