Republican People’s Party (CHP) UK heading to a general assembly


CHP’s UK union is undergoing a series of campaigns for electing a new president for its prospective projects in the UK.

As two groups are now running for the presidential position at CHP UK, both teams organised a breakfast/drinks event on last Sunday (2 October) to launch their campaigns and engage with their supporters.

Altı Ok Group: “Togetherness instead of classification”

Altı Ok Group’s president Davut Karataş engaged with the Turkish communities on the 2nd of October, presenting his promises and prospective projects to the community’s appreciation. As the current and former-to-be president Suna Akartuna was amongst the attenders, many current CHP UK members along with guests made an appearance at the event.

Drawing upon an ideology on “togetherness instead of classification”, Mr Karataş said he foresees CHP UK as a leading organisation that embraces multiple communities and therefore CHP is and should be a strong representative of Turkey in the UK and its parliament.

Mr Karataş also made promises on strengthening the youth branches by offering free courses and advisory sessions on visa applications, education, culture, arts and sports. Answering the questions in the end, Mr Karataş made it explicit that a new understanding of management is crucially needed and should be led with great wisdom and professionalism. In addition to his promises, he also said that he shall be incepting a liaison Office in the future.


Hasan Dikme: We will regain the scattered Turkish votes

The other candidate Hasan Dikme also met with the local press and guests at a breakfast event on the same day. He launched his campaign basing upon re-gaining the scattered Turkish votes by meaning trying to attract HDP-oriented ideologies in the UK to vote for CHP.

Calling one of their projects as the “Rainbow Project”, Elif Gülle Gelirli, one of the campaign managers explained the group’s future projects, should they get elected. Ms Gelirli said that they are looking for a community regardless of language, religion, race, gender and school.

Mr Dikme, in his speech outlined the reasons on why he should be elected as the new CHP UK President by referring to the current CHP UK’s management and leadership dynamics. Criticizing the AltıOk Group, Mr Dikme said that the current CHP UK management failed to lead a fair election campaign process by not maintaining a healthy communication bonds.



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