“Taste of Turkey” left a taste on tongues and hearts


Celebrating Turkish Food and Culture, “Taste of Turkey” day left an unforgettable taste on tongues and hearts. Experiencing the 7 diverse regions of Turkey by their peerless tastes, the guests had the chance of meeting the renowned brands of the Turkish food and drinks sector at Brand Exchange, a members’ club in the City of London.

Through the sponsorship of a globally renowned aliment brand Pinar, the Taste of Turkey day started off with a distinguished breakfast session with Sofra Restaurants serving traditional tastes. In addition to a wide range of Pınar breakfast cheeses, bal kaymak, and gül reçeli, a vast selection of hot dishes including Menemen and Sucuklu Yumurta was also served. This feast was accompanied by delicious Turkish Pastry from Simit Sarayi.


The festivities were carried on into the evening with a champagne reception with delicious canapes served by Babaji Pide Salonu. Followed by, was the long-awaited Turkish feast prepared by Sofra Restaurants, with dishes carefully selected to give guests the best experience of Turkish cuisine, including famous dishes from 7 different Turkish regions. Melisa Atay, founder of Melisa Atay Fine Brands then introduced her best quality and award winning Turkish wines. As we had been enjoying the experience, the story of the 7 regions in Turkey had started unravelling by Ozlem Warren, a famous Turkish gourmet and chef, followed by a keynote speech from Cuneyt Basbakkal, a VP from Pinar, the head sponsor brand of the event.

Many enjoyable dishes like Ali Nazik, İnegöl Köfte, Tel Kadayıf and hummus were simply “represented” before they were consumed with relish. Huseyin Ozer, the founder of distinguished Sofra Restaurants, opened his heart by saying “I started doing this business, not because I was trained as a chef, or anything equivalent, I started this business because I was homeless and hungry!” making everyone touched again through his novel life story.

Later on, the World-famous Turkish coffee with Turkish delights were served following surprise names volunteering for the renowned “coffee fortune” sessions.



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