Political hacktivist leaks ‘citizen database’ containing 50 million personal records


In an attack that appears to be politically motivated, the unnamed hacktivist has uploaded a trove of details in a 6.6GB file that claims to hold the first and last names, national identifier numbers, mother and father’s first names, gender, city of birth, date of birth, full address, ID registration cities and districts of 49,611,709 Turkish citizens.

What kind of information has been leaked?

The leaked information contains National Identifier (TC Kimlik No), First Name, Last Name, Mother’s First Name, Father’s First Name, Gender, City of Birth, Date of Birth, ID Registration City and District and Full Address.

Am I included?

The leakages are thought to comprise only people who were born before 1990. You can check your status by going to the website thanksgiving.who.ec .


How did they obtain my ID information?

After the 2008 local elections, for the event there had been an online system to archive ID informations. However somehow, these informations were stolen by third party contents. The criminals were arrested but it is clear that the not only they had the archives.

Can I erase my personal details?

Erasing this leaked data is impossible as they had been obtained by officials sources and got copied illegally.

Is it a crime to download these leaked information?

Absolutely yes. Downloading and copying an illegal act makes you a part of the crime – so do not attempt to download any of this leaked information to any of your devices.

Can there be new leakages in the future?

Turkish authorities are now working to maintain cyber safety amongst the citizens. However, there may be a possibility of hackers to obtain information regarding this too. The investigation against the hack will be led as one of the most major breaches to the Turkish Criminal Law. (TCK)

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