Prof. Erol Parlak’s ‘Sazminar’

Prof Erol Parlak.
Prof Erol Parlak.

Prof. Erol Parlak hosted a seminar on the traditional Anatolian musical instrument: Saz – on Saturday 16th of January 2016, at the Alevi cultural centre, Dalston, London.

An Academic at the Istanbul Technical University, Mr.Parlak centred the seminar on the history of the Saz instrument, under the subject line of “Saz in the Anatolian Culture”; an expert in the instrument, Parlak played the saz for the 100 or so audience member.

The evolution of the saz is ‘ozan’ inspired”

The afternoon was given an opening by Huseying Kaplan, the seminar moderator, who skimmed through the intellectuals life and life achievements.

Mr.Parlak began the discussion with a short history of the saz, leading on to the types and changes it has been through.

“[The Saz has been through many physical changes since its invention, inspired largely by ‘Ozans’ (name given to Alevi musical artists)”.


Saz is as important as the piano”

He added: “When the Ozans and their Saz was banned in many different periods, the artists always gave voice for the poor and opressed”.

The Professor claimed that Saz is as important as the piano in world culture; and as important as the gitar and violin.

In the closing, Prof. Parlak held a Q&A session, followed by a 30 minute Saz session, a long piece from the academic’s collection

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