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A LOCAL FURNITURE STORE  in Edmonton has been attacked on the morning (25 November) prior to its official opening by three people, whose identities are yet to be disclosed.

Following the attack on Nill’s Furniture Design store in Edmonton, North London, owners Ali and Hüseyin Osoy together with manager Barış Göktaş, issued a statement to fellow furniture representatives, the media and to Turkish businessmen and women.

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Speaking on behalf of Nill’s Furniture Design manager Barış Göktaş, he explained that the three suspects vandalised the store causing damage to the showrooms, furniture and the store in general.

He said: “CCTV footage has caught them on camera and shows us the three suspects entered by breaking in via the stores back entrance. We predict they are three people and carried out the vandalising at approximately 4:00am on Wednesday 25 November, they damaged the furniture, accessories and even sprayed graffiti on the walls with spray paint causing a lot of damage financially. A local who realised the suspects contacted police and even attempted to chase after them as they tried to get away. Police caught one of the suspects but has not yet disclosed their identity.

The day after the incident, Göktaş explained that restoration and renewal was completed in just 24 hours. Head of British Alevi Federation İsrafil Erbil, Head of Cemevi Turgay Hurman and Associate Head of Kurdish Community Association Türkan Budak also spoke.

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Some associations which also attended the meeting condemned the attack and will too follow up the incident. Several well-known business owners were also present and expressed their support to Nill’s Furniture Design .

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