Appeal to join social care network



Enfield Council has called on its residents to join a new organisation to help them get involved local health and adult social care projects. The Customer Network allows members to receive frequent up-to-date information about Enfield’s health and adult social care services, events taking place in the borough and how they can get involved in the design of new services. Members will have a direct link to policy makers and a unique opportunity to have their say on how council health and adult social care services can make a difference to the lives of Enfield residents.

They get access to key draft documents, such as our charging policies which are updated each year, so they give their feedback on how we can make them clearer and if we’ve missed anything out. Members have played an important role in making decisions on key projects from the design of our website to the way social care personal budgets are provided to those most in need of support. As soon as people register to join the Customer Network they will begin to receive information about our services and invitations to get involved in developing or designing services with the council.

Members then confirm they want to take part and we get in touch with them to make arrangements. Anyone with an interest in health and adult social care services can join. People can register by completing a short online form:

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