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“Children are happy and excited to get back to school”

“Children are happy and excited to get back to school”

BORIS Johnson announced that they aim to lift all coronavirus restrictions in England with a new roadmap plan. Explaining the government plan to loosen the closure measures in four stages, Johnson stated that all schools will be opening on 8 March.

Stating that children’s attending school is the top priority for the government, Johnson said, “We know that this is of great importance for the mental and physical development of children as well as their education.” Secondary school and college pupils will be routinely tested for Covid twice a week. All families with schoolchildren, or members of support and childcare bubbles, will also be encouraged to get tested regularly.

This week at Londra Gazete, we evaluated the opening of the schools on March 8, with teacher assistants Aysel Irkad Şafak and Tuğçe Öztürk. Aysel Irkad Şafak and Tuğçe Öztürk, both educators and parents, gave information about the education process of the children during the quarantine period.

Expressing that her children adapted to a good routine during the quarantine, teacher assistant and emotional health consultant Aysel Irkad Şafak emphasized that some children had a lot of difficulty in this process.

Referring to the lack of trust and anxiety of children in such a difficult process, Şafak said: ‘‘Generally, this is a difficult process for children. The opening and closing of schools disrupted the balance of most children. My own kids easily adapted to their new routines, but that didn’t apply to every kid, some kids had very difficult times. Young children or teenagers generally suffer from a lack of confidence or anxiety issues, while the quarantine period encouraged these feelings. Children could not develop social and emotional skills due to quarantine. Children have had difficulty perceiving this process due to the inability to meet their teachers or friends, not to join after-school clubs, and rapid changes. It becomes a great luxury or opportunity for children to be involved in the simplest of activities right now.

Adding “My own children successfully completed their online education, they were more fortunate than other children because of my profession because they asked me questions they could not ask their teachers. However, this was not the case for every child, some children’s parents do not know enough English or the national curriculum. In addition, there are children who have learning difficulties, while under normal conditions they received special one-to-one education, these children had to stay alone in this process. As I mentioned earlier, this can cause mental depression, children lack self-esteem. In general, my own children and other children are very happy and excited to be back in school. ”

Looking at the psychologically affected that have negatively impacted children during the quarantine period, Tuğçe Öztürk stated that the children were hesitant to change their routine again: ‘‘The homeschooling process of the children was not good in terms of spirituality. They just listened to their lectures on the computer and then did their homework. Mental health is a very sensitive issue for the future of children. Schools and the state did not fulfil the necessary responsibilities in this direction.

“I was fortunate in this process because of the profession I studied, I tried to help my children a little bit, but sometimes they did not show the necessary seriousness or dedication because I was their mother. I tried to help my children with the methods I know, but they have been thought different. On the other hand, the families who did not speak English had a lot of trouble and they asked me to help, I was trying to complete my university education at the same time, so it was a little difficult to balance everything. However, the children are happy that they will be back at school on March 8. ”



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