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Brexit: How does the new point system work?

Brexit: How does the new point system work?

AS of the 1 January, the UK opened its new point system immigration, this now means that anyone looking to move to the UK will need to apply for a visa to move and work here.

These new rules will apply to all applicants including those from the EU who will be treated the same way as those from the rest of the world.

To qualify for a visa, migrant workers who want to move to the UK will have to qualify for 70 points.

Having a job offer from an approved employer for a skilled job will earn 40 points.

Being able to speak English will give another 10 points.

The applicant can achieve the remaining 20 points if they are due to be paid at least £25,600 a year.

They can also gain extra points for having better qualifications (10 points for a relevant PhD, or 20 points for a PhD in science, technology, engineering or maths) or an offer of a job in which the UK has a shortage (20 points), even if it doesn’t pay as much money.

Certain jobs in health or education still merit 20 points even if the salary is less than £25,600. The applicant must be paid at least £20,480, and in line with set amounts for particular jobs in the UK’s four nations.

How much will it cost?

Applications may be started online, but some people will need to visit a visa application centre in order to prove their identity and show necessary documents. These might include a certificate of sponsorship from a proposed UK employer, and proof of knowledge of English.

The application fee will depend on how many years the job seeker plans to work in the UK, and whether their job is on a list of skills that the UK has shortages of. If their skills are not on that list then the standard fee will be between £610 and £1,408 per person.

Jobseekers will also have to pay a health surcharge of £624 per person per year when they apply – that money is refunded if they don’t get a visa.

And they will need to show that they have the means to support themselves in the UK, which usually involves having at least £1,270 available.

Fast-Track entry

There is a fast-track entry system for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Most care workers will not be covered by the scheme though.

Those eligible for this visa will pay reduced fees and be supported through the application process.

Successful applicants will be exempt from the immigration health surcharge.

However, applicants via this route will still have to meet the relevant skill level and salary thresholds.

Does everyone need a visa?

Citizen of EU countries who were living in the UK before the end of 2020 can apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. They have until 30 June 2021 to apply for settled status.

You can apply to extend your Turkish Businessperson visa (Anakara Agreement) if you already have permission to stay in the UK as a Turkish Businessperson. There’s no fee to apply to extend your visa.

New applications for the Turkish Businessperson visa have closed and anyone from Turkey wishing to work in the UK will have to apply under the new point system. Only children under 21 (‘child dependants’) can apply to join existing holders in the UK on this visa.

What will happen to students?

No limits have been placed on the number of international students who can come to the UK to study. The new student visa application system allows them to apply six months before they are due to start a course if they are applying from outside the UK.

A new graduate visa will be launched in summer 2021, to allow students who have completed a degree to stay in the UK.


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