Black Lives Matter protest held at Edmonton Green

Black Lives Matter protest was held at Edmonton Green on Saturday, 27 June.

Around 50 people attended to the protest, including the Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Cohesion Nneka Keazor, Enfield Councillor Ergin Erbil, Deputy Youth Mayor of Enfield Christevie Ngoma, representatives of non-governmental organisation and community members.

The activist drew attention to racism and called for support for the petition which will be sent to the House of Common and House of Lords.

Nneka Keazor thanked everyone who supported the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign and organised such action in Edmonton, Keazor made the following statement in her speech:

“Proud of the organisers for bringing the Black Lives Matter campaign to Edmonton. Now we have to take the next step thus, trying to make a change in the law and going to parliament. But also community members need to visit the Enfield Civic Centre too, it’s important to try and ask these changes to start locally. As a community, we must encourage everyone to become more serious and get involved with local and national politics. Visit the Civic Centre and we will provide training and mentoring for all of you to enhance your voices against racism and injustice.”

Speaking after Keazor, Deputy Youth Mayor of Enfield Christevie Ngoma called for support to the petition campaign hence creating awareness for racism.

Ngom stated: “We’re making a difference; we’re trying to make an impact. No one can tell us we cannot make a difference or a change. So let us all sign the petition and support the campaign. Make a difference in 2020, Enfield cannot be on the wrong side of history, this year will be history. Therefore, what are you going to say you did to make history? Racism is deeply rooted in so many parts of our society.”

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