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TRNC reports no new cases for the 15th day

TRNC reports no new cases for the 15th day

No new cases of coronavirus were detected in the TRNC in the last 24 hours, TRNC Health Minister Ali Pilli announced on Sunday.

It is the 15th consecutive day that no new cases have been reported in the TRNC.

Announcing the news, Pilli said that 507 people have been tested in the last 24 hours. He said that three individuals underwent extensive PCR testing after their rapid tests came back positive.

The TRNC health minister reminded that 14,009 tests have been conducted to date. Of the 108 cases recorded, only one patient continues to receive treatment.

Pilli said that the latest tests were carried out on healthcare workers at the Lefkoşa Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital, the Cengiz Topel Hospital in Gemikonağı, the Gazimağusa General Hospital, and the Girne Akçiçek State Hospital as well as at the Fever and Cough outpatient clinics.

He added that testing was also underway for employees of businesses and shops in Dipkarpaz, Kumyalı, Yenierenköy as well as police officers in Gazimağusa.

Pilli said that a total of 358 tests will be carried out.

Phase one of ‘normalisation’ begins


Hundreds of businesses, establishments and shops have re-opened up in the TRNC on today (4 May), after remaining closed for the past two months, as part of the first phase of the government’s strategy to ease restrictions and return to normality.

Businesses or establishments which opened their doors to customers on Monday are subject to strict health and hygiene guidelines and rules.

All businesses are required to make a record of all visiting customers and to make arrangements for social distancing.

Employees are also required to wear masks and provide disinfectants for customers.

In addition to the opening up of various economic sectors, the ban on movement between the districts and a day-time partial curfew was also lifted on Monday.

The partial curfew, however, will be implemented on Sundays in a bid to prevent people from socializing in large groups.

The night-time curfew between 9 pm and 6 am, however, remains in place until May 15.

The mandatory rule on wearing masks while leaving homes also remains in force.

While, supermarkets will continue to close at 8 pm until May 15, pharmacies and banks have returned to their regular full day working hours.

Schools, daycares centres, etudes and other educational institutions continue to remain closed until May 15.

Entertainment venues such as cafes, cinemas and theatres also remain closed while mass events such as sports competitions, wedding receptions and festivals continue to be prohibited.

The ban on mass events also extends to mass fast-breaking dinners or evening prayers at mosques throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Among the sectors or businesses which remain closed until May 15 are restaurants, cafes, bars, cafeterias, patisseries, kiosks, hotels, casinos, betting offices, fitness centres and gyms, barbers, hairdressers and beauty salons, dance schools, coffee shops, children’s’ playgrounds and picnic sites.

The public-sector on the other hand is not resuming its normal working routine until May 15.

For the exception of essential services, various public departments are operational but with limited staff and on a rotational system.

Some offices will be operating on an appointment based system.

Health and hygiene protocols will also be implemented at government offices at all times.

The ban on entry at land, sea and airports for everyone except for TRNC citizens, their spouses and children remain in force until May 15.


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