Deaths in London’s Turkish Speaking Community reaches 10

The number of Turkish Speaking people who have died from coronavirus in London has jumped to 10. 

Melik Ejder Ülkümen, Ahmet Raşit, Kamil Ahmet, Şengül Besim, Ahmet Raşit and Yıldıray Faik have all lost their lives due to the virus in the last couple of days. 

It is feared that the loss of life will increase rapidly in the coming days as London the epicentre of the coronavirus in the UK battle to stop the spread and help the infected. 

It was stated that Ülkümen who had diabetes, a father of two children passed away at 11 pm on Monday (23 March) at Barnet Hospital in the north of London.  It is noted that Ülkümen, who has lived in London for 20 years, resided in the Southgate with his wife and children who were quarantined at their homes.

Murat Alma, a relative of Melik Ejder Ülkümen, said that family members left their meals and drinks in front of the door.  Stating that habits in daily life need to change because of coronavirus, Alma said: “We should be careful about coronavirus.  Routine habits such as greetings, hugging and kissing at home visits, associations, coffees, grocery stores and barbershops now lead to death.  When you go to a wedding or engagement, you shake hands of at least 10 people.  When you go, you hug and kiss with at least 10 other people.  This has nothing to do with love.  It has been against health rules all along…  ”

Kamil Ahmet, 87, a leading figure in the Cyprus Left, who has lived in London for many years, has also died.  Ahmet, who was being treated for chest inflammation, passed away at 10am yesterday (24 March) morning. 

The family of 62-year-old Turkish Cypriot Yıldıray Faik, who was diagnosed with cancer last year also announced this death, making the following statement: “Bypass surgery was performed in St Bartholomew’s Hospital.  Coronavirus was diagnosed 6 days after the successful operation. He died in the morning on Monday.  However, the autopsy report will be given on Saturday. ” 

Last week, four more members of the Turkish Speaking Community Elmaziye Kamil, Hayri Ergönül, İlyas Güngör and Mustafa Ahmet lost their lives to the coronavirus in London.


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